Demo instruction

Dear customers

Thanks for visiting our demo site for  our Helpdesk Pro extension. Please follow the instructions below to see and understand the features provided by Helpdesk Pro:

  1. Click on Submit Ticket menu item to submit a support ticket. Helpdesk Pro is designed so that both Public and Registered users can submit ticket (of course, you can config the extension so that only Registered users to submit support tickets, there is a config option for doing that).
  2. Login with the account user/1234536 and you will be able to submit a support ticket as registered users. You can access to My Tickets menu items to see all tickets you submitted (tickets history). You can click on a ticket to view detail information of the ticket (download attachments, see comments - communication between you and site administrator). You can also add comment to the ticket, change ticket status, rate for the ticket support....
  3. Login with the account manager1/123456 or manager2/123456 to use Helpdesk Pro with manager role, then access to Manage Tickets menu item. As a manager, you will see all tickets submitted by customers from the categories which you are assigned as manager by administrator. You can then view a ticket, add comment to reply to customer's support request, close ticket, change category...
  4. Access to Contact Form menu item to understand another feature of Helpdesk ProHelpdesk Pro has a plugin which will create a support ticket when users/site visitors access to Joomla Contact Form to send emails to site administrator. 
  5. Access to Content Plugin menu item to understand another feature in Helpdesk Pro. With Helpdesk Pro, you can easily embed a form into any Joomla articles to allows your site users to submit support ticket.
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